CH LandSlides Funny Face

Audrey is our “Cryptic” Blue Merle

You can see her merle/blue on her side, stifle, but mostly on her muzzle. At first glance she is often mistaken for a black tri.

Audrey came back to finish her ASCA championship in August of 2013 where we wasted no time!

Audrey will be returning to  campaigning in AKC in 2014  



CH Premonition Of Prestige DNA-cp

CH LandSlides Star Of September CGC DNA-vp 


DOB: 8/3/2010

(cryptic) Blue Merle Female ~ Full Dentition Scissors Bite ~ OFA: Good ~ Eyes: Clear

ASCA & AKC registered

Co-Owned w/Lisa Pope      


Notable ASCA Wins

3/2012 ~ WB ~ 4 pt mjr ~ Judge: Mike Van Tassel ~ ASCU ~ Farmington, UT

8/2013 ~ BOB ~ 5 pt mjr ~ Sr. Breeder Judge: Tina Burk ~ ASCU ~ Mt. Pleasant, UT

10/2013 ~ WB ~ 3 pt mjr ~ Sr. Breeder Judge: Lisa Renville ~ ASCU ~ Farmington, UT

10/2013 ~ WB ~ 4 pt mjr ~ Breeder Judge: Sharon Bachman ~ ASCU ~ Farmington, UT


Notable AKC Wins


6/2011 ~ Best In Puppy Match ~ Blackfoot, Idaho


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~ Audrey’s Pedigree ~



CH Premonition Of Prestige HOF  DNA-cp “TJ”



CH LandSlides Star Of September HOF CGC DNA-vp



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