LandSlide O’Oxford Carry On 3G OTDsc ATDd GV-N JV-O-OP RV-O DNA-cp



Oxford’s Heartbreak Express STDd OTDc ATDs NA NAJ GS-N JS-O RS-E

HOF LandSlide’s Quicksilver Roxy STDcds HCTs CGC DNA-cp


DOB: 5/3/2002 ~ Intact Male

OFA: Good ~ Elbows: Normal ~ Eyes: Clear ~ COI: 4.40%

ASCA & AKC registered & DNAed

Co-owned with Kerry Sweitzer of Milestone Australian Shepherds & resides in WA


Dodger is standing at stud to approved bitches ~ Please contact LandSlide or Milestone


Dodger’s Littermates

CH LandSlides Let It Ride STDs CGC  DNA-cp

WTCH LandSlide’s PowerStroke Ford RTDs TDI CGC DNA-cp


Notable ASCA Wins


2006 ~ STDsdc ~ TRWASC ~ Ashland, OR

7/2011 ~ BOS Veteran ~ AKC Judge: Denise Reel ~ CASC ~ Kalama, WA

7/2011 ~ BOB Veteran ~ AKC Judge: Olivia Fawliss  ~ CASC ~ Kalama, WA

7/2011 ~ RWD ~ Judge: Olivia Fawliss  ~ CASC ~ Kalama, WA

3/2012 ~  Agility ~ Regular Veterans Novice Q ~ Judge: Joyce Roessner ~ Auburn, WA

3/2012 ~  Agility ~ Regular Veterans Novice Q ~ Judge: Joyce Roessner ~ Auburn, WA

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~ Dodger’s Pedigree ~

Dodger and Kerry

2011 ~ Dodger still rockin it at 9!

Dodger began campaigning in the conformation ring with his new co owner Kerry Sweitzer of MileStone Aussies in 2011. Kerry has Dodger looking better than ever as a veteran. We are all excited to be given this opportunity and look forward to enjoying every moment!

Thank you Kerry! 


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Dodger & Cathe Gasper pictured in October of 2006 going Most Promising 
Kerry’s plans are to continue training and trialing in herding, agility and conformation.

Dodger and Kerry back on the cattle again!



Below; picking up a couple of agility Q’s from the

veteran novice class!

Well Done! 



Oxford’s Heartbreak Express ATDs OTDc STDd OAC OJ RS-E RJ-O GS-N RS-O



LandSlides Quicksilver Roxy HOF STDsdc HCTs CGC DNA-cp



2003 Award of Merit Holder #8

Started Trial Dog on Cattle


Oxfords Midnight Express CD OTDS STDcd HOF


Oxfords Rocky Mtn Heartache HOF

SVCH WTCH CH Gitalongs Half Cocked UD DNA-cp


Blooming Red Tilly Roo CGC TT

WTCH Powder Kegs Slash Of Glasss

Tumbledowns Ryan Hope STDs HOF

CH Tres Joles Rocky Mtn Dude

Oxfords Queen of Hearts CDX STDc ATDds

VCH WTCH CH Gold Nuggets Cock of the Walk TD CD

CH Blue Moon On Stillwaters CDX TD STDds

Docs Rowdy Blue

Spring Fever Amanda Kye